September Requiem

World Trade Tower Tribute

One month after the World Trade Towers fell, I decided to put together a slide show that utilized the images constantly displayed on the internet, along with an experimental music piece created using sound effects that I had been collecting in a separate venture along with a midi fugue I found on the internet at while exploring Midi offerings in another non-related venture. The pieces simply fell into place.

This is a movie tribute created to play on almost every internet capable computer, including Apples and PCs and even ancient Windows boxes ..... Unfortunately, to have this cross platform capability , it uses an old compression format (cinepak) and thus, the file is huge (9 MegaBytes) and may take hours over a phone modem to download. Thus, it is advisable to save it onto your hard-drive, as you may wish to view it more than once. On many computers, downloading this file will activate the windows media player, which will indicate the computer is "connecting" to the avi movie file. Let this continue on its own until the movie is downloaded. Play should begin automatically upon download completion. Again, it is advisble to save the file onto your hard-drive ... i.e. the C: drive , for subsequent veiwings..
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